Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness is a new, powerful and highly accessible chamber cantata for eight voices, mezzo soprano and two cellos, composed by Julian Marshall with text by poet and author, Gertrud Kolmar.

Kolmar lived in Berlin for much of her life, but was transported to Auschwitz in 1943, where she perished. Her poetry is strikingly full of life – colour, vibrancy, deep sensation – and “Aus dem Dunkel” (‘Out of the Darkness’), is surely one of the most beautiful. Written in 1937 the poem evokes powerful dream like images of crumbling and decay – serving as an eerie foretelling of the imminent tidal wave of horror about to hit the world. Post-war critics have accorded Gertrud Kolmar a very prominent place in German literature. She has been described as both ‘one of the most important woman poets’ and ‘the greatest lyrical poetess of Jewish descent who has ever lived’.

An essay by Philip Kuhn about Gertrud Kolmar is available on the Out of Darkness project website

The first performances of “Out of the Darkness” was given in Winchester Cathedral on 19th March 2009, and a further performance is taking place at St. Gabriel’s Church, London SW1 on 27th March 2009. Plans are well in hand for a further series of performances in the autumn and winter of 2009/10 throughout the UK.

Educated at Dartington Hall School and The Royal College of Music, Julian Marshall is known internationally as co-creator (with Kit Hain) of the 70’s group ‘Marshall Hain’ – known especially for their massively successful international hit ‘Dancing in the City’ in the late 70’s. He was also a member of ‘The Flying Lizards’ – who scored a top 5 hit with ‘Money’ in 1979.

In the 80’s he formed the group ‘Eye to Eye’ with American song writer and performer Deborah Berg – recording two classic albums for Warner Brothers produced by Steely Dan producer Gary Katz and a latter day third album produced by ‘Roxy Music’ producer Rhett Davies.

Composition is now taking a full centre stage position in his creative life. He currently has several works in progress and plans for various performances following the launch of ‘Out of the Darkness’.

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