New Release Information from Theresa Caudle/Nimbus Alliance Records

Artist(s):           Theresa Caudle & Canzona

Composer:       Various

Repertoire:       17th Century Italian solo sonatas

Catalogue No:  NI6134 [Bar Code 0710357613425]

Discs:              1CD/Standard Jewel Case

UK PPD:          £8.70

UK Release:     11th October 2010


Cima: Sonata per violino o cornetto e basso; Cima: Sonata per violino e basso; Frescobaldi: Canzona terza detta La Lucchesina; Frescobaldi: Canzona seconda detta la Bernadina; Fontana: Sonata Prima; Castello: Sonata seconda a soprano solo; Marini: Sonata per sonar con due corde; Marini: Sonata a basso e violino o cornetto; Uccellini: Sonata Quinta; Cazzati: Sonata Prima “La Pellicana”;  Stradella: Sinfonia in F; Stradella: Sinfonia in D Minor; Corelli: Sonata V in G minor

Total Playing Time 73:34


CD Information

This recording takes the listener on a voyage of discovery into under-recorded areas of the repertoire and at the same time highlights the dexterity and skill demonstrated by Theresa Caudle in performing these works on two instruments of completely different disciplines.

This musical journey takes us through the 17th century, exploring the rise and the development of the solo sonata in Italy. In the early part of this period, composers considered the violin and the cornett as instruments equally interchangeable – both are treble instruments, highly prized for their flexibility, expressiveness and virtuoso capabilities in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. In those times it was commonplace for musicians to have mastered several instruments. All researches thus far, indicate that Theresa Caudle is the first violinist ever to have achieved this accolade with these two particular instruments – usually it was trumpet or recorder players who took up the cornett.

The booklet contains very informative notes by esteemed musicologist Peter Leech, as well as those from Theresa herself.


Artist Information

Having started her musical career with the violin, Theresa Caudle took up playing the cornett at the age of thirteen when there were only a handful of professional players of this instrument in the world – the cornett having been considered ‘defunct’ for at least a hundred and fifty years. She soon became known as a cornettist who also played the violin and as musical tastes and fashions changed, the violin took up more of her performance time. This recording attempts to join together both strands of Theresa’s career by exploring the different challenges of playing solo repertoire on both instruments.

Theresa spends a good deal of her time playing eighteenth century music, but she feels most at home in the period covered by this recording.

Her extensive career includes positions as director of the London Sackbutt and Cornett Ensemble. As a string player she has been a member of The English Consort, The English Baroque Soloists, The London Handel Orchestra and the Parley of Instruments amongst others. Her love of opera has seen her involvement in the Drottingholm Court Theatre Orchestra and English Touring Opera Orchestra.


Other Performers

Joining Theresa on this CD is Canzona – whom she also directs. Formed in 1992, the ensemble comprises some of England’s leading players of period instruments. They also have a particular passion for 17th century music. Canzona is the Resident Ensemble at Magdalen College in Oxford and give regular concerts and workshops throughout the UK.

In addition the recording features Mark Caudle (bass violin and violincello); Alastair Ross (organ and harpsichord) and David Miller (chitarrone).


Press/Media and Marketing

The CD will be fully serviced to all UK classical music press and radio. Advertising will include major classical music magazines and publications. For more details, and to request a review sample and/or an interview request, please contact John Cronin at Music & Media Consulting Limited.

Theresa Caudle NI6134 Press Release (66.4 KiB)

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