New Release information from Heritage Media/Divine Art – The Classic Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1-4

Presenting the first in our relaunch of the renowned Heritage Media catalogue of vintage radio drama. The Sherlock Holmes Collection Volumes 1 – 4. Here we have all 16 of the Holmes stories adapted for radio and first broadcast in the early 1950s, featuring Sir John Gielgud as Holmes and Sir Ralph Richardson as Watson. Four 2CD slimline sets with four episodes each. UK Trade price £6.60 per 2CD set.


HMD26001              [0809730610127]

Volume 1



The Blackmailer;

Scandal in Bohemia,

Silver Blaze;

The Speckled Band



HMD26002              [0809730610226]

Volume 2


The Second Stain;

The Traitor;

Rare Disease;

The Norwood Builder




HMD26003              [0809730610325]

Volume 3


The Solitary Cyclist;

The Six Napoleons;

The Red-headed League;

A Case of Identity




HMD26004              [0809730610424]

Volume 4

The Final Problem;

The Empty House;

The Blue Carbuncle;

The Yoxley Case




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