New CD/Download Information from Divine Art & Metier Records for September 2013

I outline below the details of three new CD titles from the Divine Art label group, due for UK release on 2nd September1 2013.The full press information is attached as PDF files (one for each). Additional to CD release, they will be available simultaneously as a download from all the usual outlets.  Please also note that effective from 1st September, Divine Art/Metier will be distributed in the UK via Select and via the Naxos Distribution Network in most territories around the world.

US/Canada journalists should request review samples via the Divine Art office in

MSV77202 Anthony Burgess “The Man and his Music” from John Turner (recorders) and Harvey Davies (piano)

Anthony Burgess was best known as an author. From relatively modest beginnings in a   Manchester Catholic family in the North of England, he eventually became one of the best known English literary figures of the latter half of the twentieth century.

Although Burgess was predominantly a comic writer “A Clockwork Orange” remains his best known novel. In 1971 it was adapted into a highly controversial film by Stanley Kubrick, which Burgess said was chiefly responsible for the popularity of the book. Burgess produced numerous other novels, including the Enderby Quartet, and Earthly Powers, regarded by most critics as his greatest novel. He also worked as a literary critic, writing studies of classic writers, most notably James Joyce. He was a longtime literary critic for The Observer and The Guardian.

Burgess was also an accomplished musician and linguist. He composed over 250 musical works, including a first symphony around age 18. This 2CD set features pieces written for recorder (many originally written for Andrew Burgess, Anthony’s son).

The collection also includes pieces by fifteen Burgess contemporaries – many premiered by John Turner, the soloist on this release, and as such presents an enticing collection of 20th Century Recorder Works – several receiving their first recording here.

77202 Anthony Burgess - The Man & His Music - Press Release
77202 Anthony Burgess - The Man & His Music - Press Release
77202 Anthony Burgess - The Man & His Music - Press Release.pdf
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MSV28538 Carson Cooman “Rising at Sawn” – Chamber Music with Brass

Carson Cooman (b. 1982) is an American composer with a catalogue of hundreds of works in many forms—ranging from solo instrumental pieces to operas, and from orchestral works to hymn tunes. His music has been performed on all six inhabited continents in venues that range from the stage of Carnegie Hall to the basket of a hot air balloon. Cooman’s work appears on over forty recordings, including eighteen complete CDs on a variety of labels. Cooman’s primary composition studies were with Bernard Rands, Judith Weir, Alan Fletcher, and James Willey. As an active concert organist, Cooman specialises in the performance of contemporary music. Over 130 new works have been composed for him by composers from around the world, and his organ performances can be heard on a number of CD recordings. Cooman is also a writer on musical subjects, producing articles and reviews frequently for a number of international publications. He serves as an active consultant on music business matters to composers and performing organizations, specializing particularly in the area of composer estates and archives. For more information, visit

28538 Rising At Dawn - Carson Cooman Chamber Music - Press Release
28538 Rising At Dawn - Carson Cooman Chamber Music - Press Release
28538 Rising At Dawn - Carson Cooman Chamber Music - Press Release.pdf
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MSVCD2007 Beethoven Explored Volume 5 – Peter Sheppard Skærved (vln) and Aaron Shorr (pno)

Beethoven: Sonata for piano and violin in D major, Op. 12 No. 1; Sonata for piano and violin in A major, Op. 12 No. 2; Sonata for piano and violin in E flat major, Op. 12 No. 3; Andreas Romberg: Sonata for piano and violin in B flat major, Op. 9 No. 2 “Schottische”

This is the fifth disc in a series that sets Beethoven’s violin sonatas in their social and musical context.

Beethoven’s three Sonatas Op 12, mark the beginning of an extraordinary group of works which would climax with the Op 96 Sonata which he completed at the end of 1812 for performance by the Archduke Rudolph and the great French virtuoso (and Napoleon’s personal violinist), Pierre Rode.

Beethoven and Romberg shared a history as string players. In 1790, Andreas and his cellist cousin Bernhard joined Beethoven in the electoral court orchestra in Bonn, led by Beethoven’s erstwhile violin teacher, Franz Anton Ries. Anton Reicha was also playing flute in this extraordinary ensemble.  Undoubtedly, the interchange between the brilliant younger members of this Kapell laid the foundations for the effective Werkstatt which Beethoven successfully instituted with his team of string players in Vienna in the years following his arrival there in 1792.  These collaborations laid the ground for the innovations of the cycle of piano/violin sonatas from 1798 to 1812.

MSVCD2007 Beethoven Explored Vol 5 - Press Release
MSVCD2007 Beethoven Explored Vol 5 - Press Release
MSVCD2007 Beethoven Explored Vol 5 - Press Release.pdf
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