New CD/Download Information from Divine Art & Metier Records for October2013

I outline below the details of three new CD titles from the Divine Art label group, due for UK release on 1st October 2013.The full press information is attached as PDF files (one for each). Additional to CD release, they will be available simultaneously as a download from all the usual outlets.  Please also note that effective from mid September, Divine Art/Metier will be distributed in the UK via Select and via the Naxos Distribution Network in most territories around the world.

US/Canada journalists should request review samples via the Divine Art office in


DDA21222 The Expressive Voice Of The Flute – Kenneth Smith (flute) & paul Rhodes (piano)

This collection of some of the world’s most cherished melodies and popular concert favourites is presented by Kenneth Smith, principal flute of London’s Philharmonia Orchestra for 27 years, with pianist and accompanist Paul Rhodes, a duo partnership that has been performing and recording music for flute and piano since 1986. Most of these 46 tracks have been skillfully and sensitively transcribed by the performers themselves, sharing the musical content between both instruments in a way that allows the wide diversity of musical expression that lies within these works to be realised.

21222 Expressive Voice Of The Flute - Press Release (85.9 KiB)


DDA25102 Trio Anima Mundi “Romantic Piano Trios” 

Since its formation in 2008, Melbourne based Trio Anima Mundi has been presenting an annual themed subscription concert series. The four works presented in this recording are representative works from the 2008 – 2011 series, namely William Hurlstone’s Piano Trio in G (2008 – which featured English works, including piano trios by John Ireland and Charles Stanford), Max d’Ollone’s Piano Trio in A minor (2009 – which featured winners of the French Prix de Rome prize: d’Ollone, Theodore Dubois and Claude Debussy), Dag Wiren’s Piano Trio No.1, Op.6 (2010 – ‘Nordic Lights’, which also included works by Niels Gade and Jean Sibelius) and Miriam Hyde’s Fantasy Trio (2011 – ‘Visions of Femininity’, with works by Louise Farrenc and Elfrida Andrée).

This CD release marks the debut recording for Trio Anima Mundi.

25102 Tro Anima Mundi Press Release (74.2 KiB)


DDA25112 Uwe Steinmetz “Absolutely – Music for Jazz Soloist and String Quartet” – featuring Uwe Steinmetz, Mads Tolling with the Fitzwilliam String Quartet

“Beautiful, evocative, compelling, dense at times while deeply tinged in heart and soul, Uwe Steinmetz’s brilliant original compositions and visionary arrangements of classical masterworks are eminently suited for the lens of the modern day string quartet form. Masterfully brought to focus by the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, enriched and enlivened by jazz violin wizard Mads Tolling, and highlighted by the composer’s own hard swinging virtuosic saxophone playing, the new record of Uwe Steinmetz and the Fitzwilliam String Quartet is a must-listen for anyone with ears for what’s happening in contemporary cross-genre music making.”

25112 Uwe Steinmetz & Fitzwilliam String Quartet - Absolutely - Press Release (86.3 KiB)


As usual, just let me know which samples you would like and I’ll mail on a first come, first served basis. Interviews can be arranged quite easily and quickly if you are interestedI look forward to hearing from you shortly. Review copies are available now.

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