New CD/Download Information from Divine Art & Metier Records for January 2014

I outline below the details of four new CD titles from the Divine Art label group (all on the Métier imprint), due for UK release on 6th January 2014. The full press information is attached as PDF files (one for each). Additional to CD release, they will be available simultaneously as a download from all the usual outlets. Please also note that Divine Art/Metier is distributed in the UK via Select and via the Naxos Distribution Network in most territories around the world.

US/Canada journalists should request review samples via the Divine Art office in

MSV28535 Robert Fokkens “Tracing Lines” featuring The Fidelio Trio, Carla Rees and Patricia Rozario

Tracing Lines presents the first recordings of six of Robert Fokkens’ chamber works and one song, all written between 2001 and 2011. Over this ten-year period, his main interest has been the exploration of identity – looking at how musical styles and genres, cultural, social and geographical background, and non-musical personal experiences and interests are all reflected in the music he writes. These issues are, of course, about far more than developing his musical creativity, and for a white South African living in Europe – at least, for him – these have been, and remain, questions which require constant consideration and re-evaluation. It is fortunate that he has a creative musical avenue through which to do this – and if the works on this CD have a sense of being part of a larger project, it is because of this underlying, continuous process of exploration.


Robert Fokkens (b. 1975) is a South African composer based in the UK. During his studies he worked with many composers including George Crumb, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Thomas Ades, Simon Bainbridge, Poul Ruders, and Mauricio Kagel. He completed his PhD at the University of Southampton in 2007, where he was supervised by Michael Finnissy.

28535 Robert Fokkens - Tracing Lines - Press Release (52.2 KiB)


MSV28543 Kevin Malone “A Clockwork Operetta – Cabaret Songs inspired by A Clockwork Orange” Various Artists

Anthony Burgess wrote his own film script for A Clockwork Orange, the notorious 1962 novel brimming with ultra-violence joyfully committed by youths fuelled by drencom, willful amorality and the music of Beethoven. The detailed script contains pop lyrics for incidental songs overheard on the street and at the Korovo Milk Bar (a prime source of drencom) – lyrics which encourage casual sex and perverse relationships in defiance of the State’s techno-psychological approach to maintaining social order. Stanley Kubrick discarded Burgess’ screenplay, favouring his own rather operatic version.

A Clockwork Operetta is a cabaret-style setting of the original Burgess songs from various parts of the screenplay in which the female singer takes ownership of the male depravity of two droogs – Alex and Dim – as well as the roles of the Chaplain, Johnny Zhivago and a film director.

Also featured on this disc are two chamber pieces – “American Terpsichore” and “Angels and Fireflies” (recorder version), and another cabaret song set “The Radio Song”.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as “eclectic, imaginative, with carefully-constructed lines”, the work of Kevin Malone spans genres and media beyond any conventional labeling. His output of over 70 works ranges from string quartets and digital multimedia pieces to a full-scale cantata for choir and orchestra as well as music for feature-length films. Malone is the recipient of seven Arts Council awards and Director of Composition at the University of Manchester, UK.

28543 A Clockwork Operetta - Kevin Malone - Press Release (55.3 KiB)


MSV28539 Michael Ellison “Say I Am You” featuring VocaalLAB, Hezarfen Ensemble, directed by Lucas Vis


Say I am You (2012), a world premiere co-production between IKSV and Rotterdam Operadagen presented by the Istanbul Music Festival, is a contemporary opera by Michael Ellison. It dramatically traces the story of the transformation of Jelaluddin Rumi (Mevlâna) from ordinary scholar to ecstatic mystic at the hands of wandering dervish Shams-i Tabriz.



The music of Michael Ellison defies categorisation, seamlessly integrating contemporary and classical sensibilities with traditional influences into a unique and personal idiom. Described as “beautifully crafted, robust and absorbing” by American Record Guide, Ellison’s is a music of colour and contrast, evocative atmosphere and emotional breadth.

28539 Say I Am You - Michael Ellison - Press Release (54.8 KiB)

MSVCD92106 Kevin Malone “The Music of 9/11 Volume 1” featuring New World Ensemble, Manchester Sinfonia

The composer, Kevin Malone, visited NY Ground Zero and met with officials of the 9/11 commission and others, and wrote ‘Eighteen Minutes’. He was encouraged by the Commission to use recordings of the air traffic controllers and came up with ‘Requiem 77’ for solo cello which is very special in recreating the tension of the events. He then wrote Angels and Fireflies as a result of a visit to the crash site of UA93 at night. This version is for flute and string orchestra.

All of the three pieces are completely engrossing, highly accessible and extremely thought provoking.

92106 Music of 9~11 Vol 1 - Press Release (74.3 KiB)



As usual, just let me know which samples you would like and I’ll mail on a first come, first served basis. Interviews can be arranged quite easily and quickly if you are interestedI look forward to hearing from you shortly. Review copies are available now.

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