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It is the declared aim of, the Vienna based co-ordination office for music in exile, to rehabilitate composers outlawed during the Third Reich and to promote artists and interpreters. For the fourth CD in this series released by Gramola, has managed to acquire the services of the English Chamber Orchestra, one of the most renowned ensembles of our age, for this inestimably valuable mission. With David Parry as its artistic director and in magnificent interaction with the soloists Ulrike Anton (flute), and Russell Ryan (piano), this incomparable orchestra presents ‘degenerate’, outlawed and hence long forgotten works by Erwin Schulhoff (Double Concerto for Flute, Piano and String Orchestra with Two French Horns WV 89, the Sonata for Flute and Piano WV 86, and Three Pieces for String Orchestra WV 5), Viktor Ullmann (Chamber Symphony op. 46a) and Vilem Tauský (Coventry – Meditation for String Orchestra).

Catalogue Number:                            Gramola 98964

UK Distribution:                                    Select

Bar Code:                                              9003643989641

Release Date:                                      15th April 2013

Price Point:                                           Full Price Single CD

Packaging:                                            Standard Jewelbox with Slipcase



Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942): Double Concerto for Flute, Piano and String Orchestra with Two Horns WV89, Op. 63; Sonata for Flute & Piano WV86 Op.61; Three Pieces for String Orchestra WV5 Op. 6; Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944): Chamber Symphony Op. 46a (String Quartet No. 3 Op. 46 arranged for string orchestra by Kenneth Woods); Vilem Tauský (1910-2004): Coventry – Meditation for String Orchestra


Repertoire Information

Austria was the home of many of Hitler’s most important musical victims, the best known of who have already become established culturally historic figures. Yet others still await their discovery or, more appropriately, their re-discovery. Gaping holes exist where they have not been incorporated into rightful positions within the repertoire. As a centre for research into these composers, exists to try and redress this imbalance and restore these important missing links to musical history. For more information please visit

This CD introduces the listener to three Czech composers who were inextricably part of the Bohemian generation of composers destroyed by Hitler. Each of these three were born before 1919, so officially were born Austrians. The formation of Czechoslovakia in 1919 forced citizens to decide whether to be classed as Czech or Austrian. Schulhoff and Tauský became Czech and Ullmann remained Austrian. There are numerous composers who are presumed to be Austrian, but were in fact should be more correctly deemed as Austro-Czechs (Korngold and Schoenberg for instance).

Research indicates that this CD presents the first recordings of the arrangement of Tauský’s “Coventry” for String Orchestra, Schulhoff’s “Three Pieces” and also of Ullmann’s “Chamber Symphony”.

The CD booklet notes contain highly informative essays by Michael Haas – recording producer and author of “Forbidden Music; The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis” (Yale Press/Published April 2013), and Kenneth Woods.


Artist Information

Austrian flautist Ulrike Anton completed her studies at The Royal Northern College of Music and The University of Manchester. She was awarded a Ph.D. in musicology at Vienna University and now gives concerts and masterclasses throughout Europe and the USA. Her involvement with has led to numerous performances of works by Hans Gál, Michael Graubart, Ursula Mamlok and Erwin Schulhoff. For full details visit

American pianist Russell Ryan teaches at the Vienna Kunst University and also at Arizona State University in the US. He regularly performs as both a soloist and accompanist in Europe, USA and Asia.

David Parry is acknowledged as an inspirational champion of operatic, concert and symphonic repertoire across a vast range. He has been responsible for the re-appraisal of countless lesser-known compositions in a series of multi-award-winning productions and recordings, featuring some of the world’s finest singers and soloists. For more information visit

The English Chamber Orchestra is the most recorded chamber orchestra in the world, its discography containing 858 recordings of over 1,500 works by more than 400 composers. The ECO has also performed in more countries than any other orchestra, and played with many of the world’s greatest musicians. The illustrious history of the orchestra features many major musical figures including Benjamin Britten and Daniel Barenboim. Paul Watkins has been the ECO’s Principal Conductor since 2009, and Sir Colin Davis was appointed Conductor Emeritus in 2010. The Orchestra continues to attract a host of eminent guest soloists and conductors. The ECO has been chosen to record many successful film soundtracks and has taken part in a variety of film and television projects. The ECO is proud of its outreach programme, Close Encounters, which takes music into communities and schools around the UK and overseas. Further details of this and all ECO activities can be found at

Press/Media and Further Information

Information about this CD will be fully serviced to all appropriate UK music press and radio. For more details, and to request a review sample and/or an interview request, please contact John Cronin at Music & Media Consulting Limited.

Details on the series can be found at and more discs are scheduled going forward.

As from April 2013, Gramola Records will be distributed in the UK via Select (and globally via Naxos).

Lost Generation CD (Press Release)
Lost Generation CD (Press Release)
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