New CD Information from Divine Art Records (January 2013)

I outline below the details of a new CD titles on the Divine Art label, due for UK release on 21st January 2013. The full press information is attached as a PDF file. Additionally, it will also be available simultaneously as a download from all the usual outlets.

ARTIST(S):                               Murray McLachlan

COMPOSER(S):                       Ronald Stevenson (b1926)

TITLE:                                      Piano Music


RELEASE DATE:                     21st January 2013 [Bar Code 0809730137228]

PRICE POINT:                         3CD Special Price/Gloss Finish Digipak (UK Dealer £16.00)

Born on March 6 1928 in Blackburn, Lancashire to working class parents of Scots and Welsh ancestry, Ronald Stevenson is an extraordinary figure, a composer-pianist in the grand tradition who has always worked with the highest ideals and fierce integrity. Stevenson trained at the Royal Manchester College of Music and the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome before settling in Scotland from the 1950s to follow a remarkable artistic path which has in many ways continued the work of the great composer-pianists of the past.

He has written nearly 500 piano pieces, and though a significant proportion of these are virtuosic and challengingly complex by any standards, there are many that are colourfully approachable for relatively modest players in the early years of learning. In addition to this extraordinary pianistic œuvre, Stevenson’s compositions include three hundred  songs, two  piano concertos, a sixty-minute long Violin Concerto, a ’Cello Concerto and a monumental choral-orchestral composition entitled  Ben Dorain.

Apart from composing, presenting and writing, Stevenson has given countless piano recitals, concerto performances and broadcasts for the BBC over the years.DITION

Much of Stevenson’s output stems directly from re-arrangement and transcription of pieces which have profoundly moved him as an artist, and this new series of three discs most certainly shows this. Almost all of the featured pieces are new to the catalogue.

“Murray McLachlan is a pianist with a virtuoso technique and a sure sense of line. His timing and phrasing are impeccable, and his tone-full but unforced in the powerful passages, gentle and restrained in the more lyrical- is a perpetual delight”  (BBC Music Magazine)


As usual, just let me know which samples you would like and I’ll mail on a first come, first served basis. Interviews can be arranged quite easily and quickly if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Review copies are available now. US/Canada journalists should request samples via the Divine Art office in Vermont –

21372 Stevenson Piano Music Press Release (81.1 KiB)

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