Key Information

Composer: Richard Fowles

Title: Un Hommage à Erik – Piano Pieces inspired by Erik Satie

Artist: Christina McMaster

Catalogue No.: MMC111

Bar Code: 5065001668111

Release Date: 8th April 2016

UK Distribution: Discovery

Format: Single CD/Standard Jewel Case

UK Price: £13.95 (inclusive of VAT and p&p)


Knossienne No. 1; Knossienne No. 2; Knossienne No. 3; Biqui No. 1 (Andante & Lento); Sea-Bird; A Walk to Le Chat Noir on a Snowy Day; Biqui No. 2 (Andante & Lento); Monsieur Le Pauvre; The Velvet Gentleman (His Bowler Hat; His Pince-Nez; His Umbrella); Biqui No. 3 (Andante & Lento); Sylvie

The booklet for this CD contains notes by Richard Fowles explaining his thoughts, influences and inspiration in the compositional process. The visuals in the CD artwork have been created by Richard’s father.