An Introduction to the Piano

Christopher Northam presents “An Introduction to the Piano

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Re-release Date: 31st July 2020

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Byrd: Pavane – The Earl of Salisbury; J. S. Bach: From the Little Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach – Musette in D, Minuet in D; from Twelve Little Preludes for Beginners – Prelude in C minor, Prelude in C major; Arne: Minuet with Variations; J. Haydn: Finale from Sonata in D major (Hob. 19); Clementi: Sonatina in F Op. 36 No. 4; Mozart: Minuet in F, Allegro in B flat, Allegro in F (from the London Notebook), Allegro (from the Second Viennese Sonata in A); Beethoven: Für Elise (WoO 59), Bagatelle in F Op. 33 No. 3, Bagatelle in G minor Op. 119 No. 1, Bagatelle in A minor Op. 119 No. 9; Diabelli: Allegretto in C; Field: Nocturne in B flat; Schubert: Waltz in A flat Op. 9 No. 2, Waltz in B minor Op. 18 No. 6, Galop in G major Op. 49; Burgmüller: from Three Studies Op. 100 – Arabesque, Innocence; Mendelssohn: Song without Words in A Op. 19 No.4, No. 1 in G (from six Pieces for Children Op. 72); Schumann: from Album for the Young Op. 68 – No. 1 Melody, No. 8 Wild Horseman, No. 10 The Merry Peasant, Fantastic Dance (from Album Leaves Op. 124 No. 5); Chopin: Cantabile in B flat; Alkan: from Sketches Op. 63 – No. 4 The Bells, No. 1 The Vision; Tchaikovsky: from Album for the Young Op. 39 – No. 5 March of the Wooden Soldiers, No. 7 Burial of the Doll, No. 8 Waltz, No. 14 Polka, No. 21 Sweet Dreams; Grieg: from Lyric Pieces Op. 12 – No. 1 Arietta, No. 2 Waltz, No. 4 Elfin Dance; Pachulski: Prelude in C minor; Debussy: Golliwog’s Cakewalk (from Children’s Corner)


Concept Overview

This recording presents performances of some of the best piano music available  for beginners.

Christopher Northam’s recital covers three centuries, from Byrd to Debussy,  and is designed to introduce learners of any age to piano music that will be both satisfying and accessible to their developing talents.

It is also certain to please a wider musical audience, not least because many of the pieces are difficult to find on other recordings.

The selection mixes well-known pieces (Bach’s Minuet in G, Beethoven’s Für Elise) with unjustly neglected gems (Pachulski’s Prelude in C minor, and two delightful pieces by Alkan).


Artist Biography

Christopher Northam studied at the Royal College of Music, having started to learn the piano at the age of four: he is much in demand as  a solo performer, accompanist, and conductor. Since settling in Bristol in 1972 he has pursued a career as pianist and teacher, involving wider aspects of music for young people in the West Country. He formed Pied Piper Music in 1994 to promote classical concerts for young audiences. Depending entirely on the generosity of private individuals and local businesses, Pied Piper productions have included opera and dance performances, concerts including Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev and  Saint-Säens’s Carnival of the Animals, and specially commissioned theatrical pieces in which the children themselves have played an enjoyable part.


Marketing and Press

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