“Julia Goes Mercutio” Trio at London’s Kings Place and Leeds College of Music + New CD

juliaThe story of ‘Julia Goes Mercutio’ begins at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where in 2014, three young musicians crossed paths. Their instruments – the piano, cello and vibraphone – were as diverse as their musical styles, which ranged from classical to improvised music and everything in between.

Rooted in classical training, the members of the trio each bring their own tastes and touches to the repertoire, using their harmonious diversity to bring Julia to life. ‘Julia Goes Mercutio’ was born from a desire to reconcile paradoxes: sounds, genres and eras as seemingly incompatible as fire and water.

The music echoes Juliet’s metamorphosis in Romeo and Juliet (Julia) as she takes on Mercutio’s moody, erratic behaviour while preserving her own purity, becoming the beautiful embodiment of conflict.

This musical journey, like any journey, remains unpredictable and entirely unique throughout – interweaving Sergei Prokofiev’s Opus 75, compositions by Françoise Tonteling and bursts of free improvisation. ‘Julia Goes Mercutio’ strives to find cohesion in discord, along with a bit of humour, surpassing the limits of tradition and expectation to arrive someplace undiscovered.

videoA promotional video is available on YouTube which gives a great introduction to the Trio and their concept.
To view, please visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvOvemja4E8

Concert Appearances

Luxembourgish Trio, ‘Julia Goes Mercutio’ is undertaking numerous concert dates throughout Europe over the coming months. The tour commences with their UK debut in Leeds on 30th November, httphttps://www.lcm.ac.uk/whats-on/Upcoming-events/Julia-Goes-Mercutio and then Kings Place in London on 1st December http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on/music/julia-goes-mercutio .

Press tickets for Leeds and London are available from john@musicandmediaconsulting.com

These two dates will be followed by Paris, Brussels and Munich in January, and then additional ones through 2017.

The Artists

Françoise Tonteling began playing piano at Luxembourg Conservatory under the guidance of Béatrice Rauchs and continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Daniel Blumenthal and Katia Veekmans. Her passion for improvisation was awakened during a two-year course with pianist and composer Kris Defoort; a period in which she also discovered Indian Classical music, her fascination for oriental music growing stronger. After obtaining her “Masters of Arts” in Piano playing and her “Bachelors” in Music Writing, she studied the basics of jazz piano under Nathalie Loriers. Two major projects were developed from this; in 2013 Françoise created ‘Julia Goes Mercutio’ together with cellist Annemie Osborne and percussionist Michel Mootz, and, one year later, the project ‘Danainii’ combining improvisation and oriental musical influences. Françoise has been teaching at the Luxembourg Conservatory since 2013.

julia2Annemie Osborne started studying the cello at Luxembourg Conservatory with Claude Giampellegrini, continuing at the University of Leeds with Anna Shuttleworth and accomplished her Master’s degree in the class of Jeroen Reuling at Brussels Conservatory. From the age of 16 she discovered and developed an interest in Jazz, improvised music, and World Music, which led, among others to her participation in free improvisation classes with Kris Defoort from 2007 onwards. Annemie has been an active member in many musical projects combining written music and improvisation, especially “OakTree”, the trio with singer Sarah Klenes and accordion player Thibault Dille developing their own Jazz-folk idiom, as well as “Philémon, le Chien qui ne voulait pas grandir” a sextet playing ‘instrumental song’ or ‘chamber Jazz’ in an intimate but rich, poetic yet surprising soundscape. In 2013 “Julia goes Mercutio” was born from a collaboration with pianist Françoise Tonteling and percussionist Michel Mootz. Since January 2015 Annemie has toured Europe and Latin America with the cello quartet of the ‘Aton & Armide’ collective in the theater piece ‘Children of Nowhere’ by Fabrice Murgia.

Michel Mootz studied Classical Percussion and Jazz Drumset in Luxembourg City and the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Brussels from where he graduated with a “Bachelor“ in Jazz Drumset and a “Masters“ in Classical percussion. He has extensively performed in Europe, North America and Asia with different Jazz Groups, Classical Percussion ensembles and Rock Bands. Currently he is a member of the “Transadlibit Duo“, the Jazz Bands “The Jitz Jeitz Quartet“ and “The Laurent Pierre Quintet“; the band of songwriter Daniel Balthasar, and most lately the crossover Trio project “Julia goes Mercutio“.


CD/Download Release

To coincide with the tour, a CD will be available. For a review copy please request via john@musicandmediaconsulting.com . Finished stock promo copies should be available from the end of November – however and advance CDR can be supplied if required.


Kafune Hanim; Folk Dance; Scene; Minuet; The Young Juliet; Kuss; Masks; Impro; The Montagues and Capulets; Father Lorenzo; Mercutio; Si la mar era de leche; Lily Dance of the Maidens; Romeo bids Farewell to Juliet; Lilai

Julia Goes Mercutio At KINGS PLACE - Press Release (638.6 KiB)

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