Holidays Are Coming (Wonderful Dream) MP3 single

Soprano Starts Race For Christmas No. 1 And Highlights The Tragedy Behind Coca Cola’s Festive Cheer

A fan-funded singer-songwriter and soprano has thrown her hat into the ring as the race for the Christmas number one commences, despite knowing she will be up against music industry giants, Simon Cowell and Gareth Malone.

Tenacious ‘People’s Soprano’, Rebecca Newman, is releasing the original song, Wonderful Dream (Holidays are coming)’ that Coca Cola used for its iconic Christmas truck advert.  Her quest for the number one slot is supported by a beautiful music video, featuring one of the UK’s historic steam railways – The Derwent Valley Light Railway, North Yorkshire.It is also supporting the charity set up in memory of the song’s writer, as tragedy underpins this festive track.

The video is now available on and in just three days has achieved over 35,000 views

US songwriter, Melanie Thornton, who found success in Germany fronting the dance band ‘LA Bouche’, died on November 24, 2001, in a plane crash in Switzerland just two days before the song was to be released.  Consequently, the song only achieved fame in Germany, despite its association with the iconic Christmas Coca Cola trucks advert, which many people regard as the start of the countdown to Christmas.

Rebecca Newman is releasing the song in time for Christmas and donating 10p per download for Childline, part of the NSPCC – a charity which Rebecca has been raising money for through her music since 2008. She will also be using the viral video campaign to support the Melanie Thornton Foundation – a charity set up by Thornton’s family after her death, to bring arts education to children aged 8-14. 

Newman’s version of Thornton’s song showcases her distinctive classical crossover style and incorporates both live string section and pop elements.  This produces a timeless and classic song perfect for the festive radio playlists.  She hopes to raise as much money as possible for Melanie’s foundation.

Newman says: “The idea to release this song was first brought to me by my managers, who had known about it for a number of years, but never found the right artist to cover it.  I have had to keep the release of this song a secret since March, despite wanting to tell the world about it.  It is desperately sad that this song should have launched Melanie’s career worldwide, but could never do so thanks to the tragedy that befell her.

“I sincerely hope I can get the song out across the world to give it the platform it deserves, to pick up where Melanie left off.  The song perfectly suits my ethos.  My new album, due out in early 2014, is called ‘Dare to Dream’, so the lyrics of Melanie’s song tie in with this, as well as being fabulous for the festive season.”

Thornton’s final TV interview can be viewed on the charity’s website. Ironically, she was asked about her feelings about 9/11 and replied to say that you have to cherish each day, because you never know how long you have got.  She also told the interviewer about her Christmas plans following her TV appearances.  Sadly, she never made it home for Christmas as intended, dying on the flight between Leipzig and Zurich.

Rebecca Newman is now stepping into Melanie’s shoes to rekindle her dream.  Her success as a soprano has been based on her direct, close and personal relationship with her fans, cemented in the early days through street performances given across the UK.  She had sung to over 250,000 people in that time and built up a loyal fan base.  She has also performed and elicited praise from fellow singers, Russell Watson and Aled Jones, as well as having her voice commended by top music professionals.

She has a down-to-earth nature and an accessible, light soprano voice, which can effortlessly cross over into light pop, jazz and folk, as those downloading ‘Wonderful Dream’ will discover.  It has already been a big hit with thousands of music lovers and should help give Melanie’s dream wings.

Rebecca Newman’s music video was available from the afternoon of Friday, November 15 at or via facebook at

The single can be downloaded from all major music sites from Sunday, November 24. If you would like the track as an mp3 file, please do ask and I will send it to you as soon as is possible.

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