Haydn Society (GB) and Divine Art Announce a new collaboration

Divine Art Recordings Group, which has branches in the UK and in the USA, is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Haydn Society of Great Britain.  The result will be a 2-CD set containing the complete Notturni and Scherzandi of Josef Haydn. The Scherzandi and two Notturni are performed by the Trinity Ensemble, and in fact this recording was issued in a very small private release for Haydn Society members in 2010. The second disc containing the remaining six Notturni is performed by the Jessop Ensemble, with both groups directed by Denis McCaldin,  who besides   being Director of the Haydn Society is Professor of Music at Lancaster University.

The 2-CD set will be released at medium price on the Divine Art label in spring 2013, with worldwide digital download release simultaneously.

Haydn Society GB (62.6 KiB)

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