Flautist Ian Clarke’s new CD “Deep Blue” set to enter the UK Classical Artist Chart – without the backing of a record label!

Flautist Ian Clarke is proud to announce that his new recording “Deep Blue” was released both on CD and digital download on Monday May 13th 2013. Very quickly it has become apparent that the album is heading for a spectacular entry into the Official Classical Artist Chart – to be announced on Sunday 19th May.

“Deep Blue” is available from Amazon, Music Glue, CD stores (UK distribution via Discovery) as well as iTunes and most other legal download sites – and all without the benefit of the backing of a conventional record label. It is fully expected that “Deep Blue” will be in the UK’s Top 20 Classical Artist Chart this weekend – maybe even approaching the Top 10. An impressive achievement! Disappointingly “Deep Blue” is ineligible for the Specialist Classical Chart – this chart rarely features “new” music. All the pieces featured on “Deep Blue” are published in sheet music form this week as well.

Word has spread rapidly via Ian’s extensive fan-base as a composer, performer and teacher. At concerts, the audience is provided with the QR codes in the programme in order to immediately download the album to their smart-phones and tablets. There are also direct links from www.ianclarke.net

Ian Clarke says:

“It would be great for the flute to have more flute music on the airwaves and in the general media. In particular some music of our time, in addition to the classics of the past.”

A revised press information sheet about “Deep Blue” is attached.

For more details, please contact:

John S. Cronin – Music & Media Consulting Limited

44-(0)1354-740847 (tel/fax) / 44-(0)7774-426966 (mobile)

john@musicandmediaconsulting.com / www.musicandmediaconsulting.com

Ian Clarke - Deep Blue- Press Release UPDATED 15 May 2013
Ian Clarke - Deep Blue- Press Release UPDATED 15 May 2013
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