Carey Blyton & Friends – Commemorative Concert

Carey Blyton & Friends 80th Anniversary Concert

A concert to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Carey Blyton’s birth is to be held on Saturday, 19th May 2012 in London, featuring:

  • Alison Smart, soprano (member of the BBC Singers)
  • Katharine Durran, piano

Carey Blyton, nephew of the children’s author Enid Blyton, was a composer, writer and teacher who is best remembered today as the creator of Bananas in Pyjamas. As a serious composer his output encompasses over 100 superbly crafted works. Primarily a miniaturist, his music ranges from a one-act opera through orchestral and chamber music to choral music and song. He also wrote much music for film and television, including for early episodes of Doctor Who.

The forthcoming concert features a programme of songs and piano solos, interspersed with readings. Although it will concentrate on Carey Blyton’s music, it will also feature works by his friends and pupils, and will include world premiere performances of three items:

  • Sir Arnold Bax: Welcome, Somer (1914)
  • George Butterworth: In the Highlands (arr. for voice and piano)
  • Peter Thompson: Dawn (composed in memory of Carey Blyton)

Date & Venue: Saturday, 19th May 2012 at 7:00 pm

The Warehouse

13 Theed Street

London SE1 8ST

(near Waterloo station)



Tickets cost £12 (postage free), and entry is by souvenir programme.

Tickets are available exclusively from Fand Music Press, and may be ordered online from the following page:

For alternative ordering methods please phone 01730 267341, email or write to Fand at Glenelg, 10 Avon Close, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4LG.


Programme summary

Carey Blyton

Lachrymae – In Memoriam John Dowland

Two Pensive Songs

Three Impressions

Prayers from the Ark (Selection)

Lyrics from the East

Dirge for St Patrick’s Night

Park Lane Stroll

A Ghost from the Past

Indigo Blues

The Flea

Readings from Dr Shinfiddler’s Musical Zoo


George Butterworth

In the Highlands          – World premiere performance


Sir Arnold Bax                     

Welcome, Somer        – World premiere performance


Peter Thompson                  

Dawn                           – World premiere performance


E. J. Moeran

Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan (Selection)


Peter Warlock

The Singer


Pretty Ring Time


The Contented Lover


John Mitchell

The Half-moon Westers Low


Derek Foster

Two Folk Tunes


Frank Bayford

Songs for Children’s Dreams


Press Tickets

These can be ordered via


Related CD

A compilation of Carey Blyton pieces was released by Upbeat Records in 2009 and a copy of the press release is attached.






Carey Blyton - In Camera - Press Release (85.2 KiB)

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