Schools Activities

Getting the best out of your Year Group is one of the most challenging roles in teaching.

Even though your pupils may work very well as individuals , not many are regularly given their chance to be team players, and to interact outside the classroom with their peers.

Have you ever considered taking your Year Group out of the school for the day? This will allow them to focus on getting to know each other a little better and encourage the individual talents of your year group to shine through for the benefit of all.

What about a full day of activities designed to encourage and develop teamwork, away from the demands of the school environment?

Activity Away-Days designed and run by Music & Media Consulting Limited will encourage a sense of team spirit and enhance inter-personal skills.

You will find that the benefits to your school are immediate and long lasting. Your pupils will relish the opportunity to get out of school for the day. As a Head of Year or Key Stage, you will also gain a greater insight into your pupils – their personalities, confidence, abilities and leadership qualities. In turn they will find out more about you and your staff as teachers, the whole school, their peers and themselves. Your activity day can be structured to engineer healthy competition, perhaps working in teams with students who may not work together on a day to day basis – thereby enhancing future inter-form communication and co-operation, and offering prizes and incentives to the successful participants.

All manner of activities can be included, featuring fun, skill, problem-solving, physical and mental challenges – and almost any disabilities can be accommodated. Time can also be built in for discussion and reflection.

Activities can include archery, air-rifle shooting, climbing, abseiling, canoeing, orienteering, rafting, grass sledging, pedal karting and a whole range of others. In addition, quad-biking, horseriding, ‘Quasar’, laser clay pigeon shooting, pitch & putt golf and more can be arranged. All activities are run and supervised by fully trained and experienced staff. Full risk assessments are available on request.

Activity days for your school can be organised for up to 180 participants.

You can use this kind of event to reward your year group after an intense and demanding work period or season or to prepare your pupils ready for the next academic year. Whatever you want included can be – use it as an opportunity to brainstorm, to preview future plans, to review the last academic year.

Any day of the week is possible (subject to venue availability). The principal location is Gilwell Park, Chingford E4 (the Headquarters of the Scout Association) – only one mile from Chingford BR Station and within easy reach of the M25 and North Circular Rd. Quality residential accommodation is available at the venue, and conference and/or syndicate meeting facilities can be arranged – all at an affordable cost.

Please note that although all activities are run within adequate minimum safety guidelines and regulations, neither the organisers nor the venue accept liability for accident or injury. All activities will be prefaced by a full safety briefing. Clients must therefore ensure that their Liability Insurance provides adequate cover for their staff and pupils for the event. It is advisable to make sure that one of your staff is a registered first aider.