About us

John Cronin is a highly regarded music industry executive with over thirty years of experience.

Prior to setting up Music & Media Consulting, John was Head of Classics and Imports at BMG UK.

During my 14 year career with BMG, now Sony BMG, I held a number of different roles. I began as UK Sales Representative for Classics & Jazz in February 1991, progressing to my final role via National Accounts Manager (Classics & Jazz) in July 1993, Field Sales Manager in January 1996 (successfully implementing the integration of two sales teams following the acquisition of Conifer Records by BMG (UK) Ltd), Catalogue Sales Development Manager in June 1996, Sales Manager (Specialist Labels) in December 1997, International Catalogue Exploitation Manager in July 2001, Manager of Worldwide Product Service in 2002. I developed BMG Imports from start-up in February 2000 and was appointed as Head of Classics & Imports in 2003. Following the merger of Sony and BMG, a new company was formed. It was decided that there would be no full-time staffed commitment in this new company to Specialist Music (Classics, Jazz, World, Roots etc), and as a result my position was redundant from 31st March 2005.

Prior to BMG, John worked at Polygram (now Universal) for seven years.

I joined Polygram as a Sales Representative and worked my way up from this as Senior Sales Representative, Special Accounts Manager, to Sales Manager (Polygram Classics). I managed all dealings with the UK trade through a sales team of nine representatives plus a National Accounts Manager. I also retained full day-to-day responsibility for a number of major National Accounts